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Quant Trading App is an advanced but simple-to-use approach to stock & options trading. Complete with real-time price alerts, historical charts, gamma exposure, and automatic potential buy/sell zones.

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We use an algorithm built on statistics and mathematical models to help take low risk trades as well as help newer traders navigate the stock market.

New Traders

You can speed up your learning curve when learning to trade with an experienced community.

Technical Analysis

Charting shouldn't be the only tool in your kit. Using an algorithm can help you identify key price levels.

Easy to Use

We have a Thinkorswim & TradingView script created daily to draw potential buy & sell zones on your chart.

Our Features

A simple to use dashboard with tables that include historical back tested data as well as stats on how previous levels performed.

An active Discord Community

We use Discord as our primary platform for realtime price alerts from our algo, chatting, and sharing trade ideas. You can talk to us in Discord while the market is open to ask trading related questions. Our Gamma Exposure (GEX) charts are automatically updated in the Discord for easy viewing.

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Thinkorswim & TradingView Scripts Generated by our Algorithm

Premium members have access to a script that can be copy and pasted into their TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim platforms or TradingView. Weekly swing trade levels are updated once a week and intraday zones are updated premarket Monday - Friday.

Gamma Exposure

Our Gamma Exposure (GEX) tools help you identify key strikes for any symbol with options. You can build customized reports using advanced GEX analysis and combine different expirations to fit your trading style.

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Improve your trading with options, quantitative data, gamma exposure, and futures volume profile. These are the keys to unlocking a real edge in the stock market.

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No contracts or hidden fees, and you can cancel at any time. Before upgrading your membership, you first need to join our Discord Server.


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